I just took a yoga class, in an actual yoga studio, for the first time in almost a year…

All the reasons why I’ve been avoiding yoga studios came rushing back to me…

Let me start by saying I’ve been to yoga studios in the USA, Australia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and now Guatemala.

What do yoga studios, around the world, have in common?…

They are filled with affluent, thin, white, able-bodied, English speaking, students and teachers.

Most yoga studios, around the world, are not easily accessible to people with low incomes, people with disabilities, people who are larger than a size 4, people who do not speak English, or people of color. 

Even when people from these groups are granted access, the fact yoga studios cater to slim, white, able-bodied, English speaking people, with money, is not erased.

With the target market made very clear, the Indian roots of yoga are often omitted, glossed over, used performatively, or blatantly disrespected. 

I am by no means a yoga expert and have no idea what my role is in this… 

All I know is that I see it, that it isn’t right and that I can’t stay quiet about it.

Listed below are several of the people I’ve been learning from. If you practice or teach yoga, please follow them on Instagram and learn with me!

– Sussana Barkataki @susannabarkataki

– Rachel Ricketts @iamrachelricketts

-Yoga is Dead Podcast @yogaisdeadpodcast

-Rebekah Borucki @bexlife

-Jesal Parikh @yogawalla

-Tejal Yoga @tejalyoga

-Tina Strawn @tina_strawn_life

-Jessamyn @mynameisjessamyn

-Nicole A Cardoza @nicoleacardoza

-Amber Karnes @Amberkarnesofficial