UPDATE: Most of these places are now open for dine in!

I have been self-isolating in Medellín since March 20, 2020. Over the past 4+ months, I have gotten very familiar with the domicillio vegano (vegan home delivery) options near me. With at least one more month of self isolation, including at least one more 3-day-weekend, intensive, lockdown, ahead of us, I am sharing this for anyone interested in domicillio vegano in Medellín!

During self-isolation, I have lived in two different parts of town, Laureles and San Diego. I am certain all of these restaurants are available for delivery in San Diego/Poblado, and I’m pretty sure most, if not all of them, are also available for delivery in Laureles.

Here are my favorite domicillio vegano options in Medellín…

1. Justo Restaurante

This restaurant is 100%  plant based with a lot of delicious vegan options to choose from. They serve the best vegan burger I’ve had in Medellín, possibly the best vegan burger I have ever had. I order from here far more than I’d like to admit.

To order, message them directly on WhatsApp.

Facebook: Justo Restaurante | Instagram: @justorestaurante | WhatsApp: +57 310 5262790

Hamburguesa Justo

Hamburguesa Justo

Hamburguesa Justo

Hamburguesa Justo

2. Olivia*

A unique and delicious vegan pizza with cashew cheese! As far as I know, they only have one pizza that is vegan. But, when the one vegan option is as good as this one is, one is all I need!

Facebook: Pizzeria Olivia | Instagram: @pizzeriaolivia | Available on Rappi

3. Guatama*

One day, I randomly ordered nachos and a banana pie from this place. They were both delicious.

Facebook: Guatama Medellin | Instagram: @guatamamedellin | Available on Rappi

4. Smash Avocaderia & Cafe*

They serve several delicious vegan friendly dishes, they have vegetable milk options for lattes and the best vegan pancakes!

Facebook: Smash Avocaderia & Cafe | Instagram: @smash.avocaderia | Available on Rappi

Arma tu Wrap

Arma tu Wrap

acai smoothie bowl

Acai Smoothie Bowl

5. Mero*

The best vegan dumplings in town! They also have a vegan wanton soup that I haven’t tried but plan to soon.

Facebook: Mero Restaurant | Instagram: @mero.com.com | Available on Rappi

gyosas veganas

Gyosas Veganas

6. Subula Gyros*

Yummmm. A delicious falafel gyro and the BEST French fries.

Facebook: Subula Gyros | Instagram: @sabulagyros | Available on Rappi

7. Mundo Verdo*

This is my go to veggie bowl. It is HUGE, healthy and delicious. They also have a few other vegan items including vegan chocolate ice cream.

Facebook: Mundo Verde | Instagram: @mundoverdecol | Available on Rappi

bowl veggie

Bowl Veggie

8. 123 Wok*

The Vietnamese fresh spring roll, fried spring rolls and the Vietnamese tofu box are all vegan and all bomb! I ordered from here twice in one week.

Facebook: 123 Wok | Instagram: @123wok | Available on Rappi

Less plastic would be a plus

Less plastic would be a plus

bowl vietnamita vegano

Bowl Vietnamita Vegano

rollitos vietnamitas and rollitos primavera

Rollitos Vietnamitas and Rollitos Primavera

9 Naan*

A yummy India spot with A LOT of vegan options- both appetizers and entrees. They have a “Vegano” menu category which is very helpful! (I have spent a lot of time translating ingredients to decipher if something is vegan or not lol).

Facebook: Naan Sabores de India | Instagram: @naan.saboresdeindia | Available on Rappi

These bags work great as trash bags.

These bags work great as trash bags.

curry de berenjenas y setas

Curry de Berenjenas y Setas

safrani pistachio pulao

Safrani Pistachio Pulao

10. Ventolini*

This place has a few vegan ice cream flavors that are really good.

Facebook:  Ventolini | Available on Rappi

Vegano Caramelo Salado con Coco and Vegano Cacao con Chocolate 70%

Vegano Caramelo Salado con Coco and Vegano Cacao con Chocolate 70%

11. Sharbets*

All of the donuts, and most of the ice cream flavors, at this spot are vegan! Both the donuts and the ice cream are sweet, rich, and decadent. Non-vegans will thoroughly enjoy this restaurant as well!

Facebook: Sharbets Colombia | Instagram: @sharbets | Available on Rappi

glaseado clasico

Glaseado Clasico

crumble de manzana

Crumble de Manzana

helado vegano

Post Self-Isolation Update:

Now that the city has started to open up a bit, I have been able to revisit some of the vegan spots I found before self-isolation, as well as a few new ones!

1. Tienda y Cocina Vegetariana (Restaurante Vegetariano El Palo)

This place does an excellent menu del dia vegano. It also has vegan tamales, vegan burgers and much more. Once I had vegan Chicharrón here- I felt so Colombiana 😉 The vegan shop sells plant based meats and NUTRITIONAL YEAST!

Facebook: Tienda y Cocina Vegetariana | Website: Tienda y Cocina Vegetariana

(I have never ordered take out from here but they do offer a domicilio service.)

2. Naturalia Cafe*


Facebook: Naturalia Cafe  | Google: Naturalia Cafe Medellin

(I have never ordered take out from here but they do offer a domicilio service.)

3. Saludpan*

Yum yum yum! This is a store and kitchen.

Facebook: Saludpan | Google: Saludpan

(I have never ordered take out from here but they do offer a domicilio service.)

4. Govinda’s

Website: Govindas Veg Food

(I have never ordered take out from here but they do offer a domicilio service.)

5. Cafe Zorba*

Cafe Zorba’s has a variety of artisan vegetarian pizzas. The “Pizza Marinara” is vegan.

Website: Cafe Zorba 

(If you are going to order take out please place your order directly through their website.)

6. INA

Website: INA Restaurante

(I do not know if they offer a domicilio service).

7. Pizzaiolo*

This pizza place has a typical selection of pizzas. The “Pizza Marinara” is vegan.

Facebook: Pizzaiolo

(They are available on Rappi.)

*This restaurant isn’t exclusively vegan so read the menu carefully.


What are your favorite vegan spots in Medellín?