Traveling Indefinitely

In the about section I give a general synopsis of who I am and why this blog exists. If you haven’t already read that… go back and start there!… If you have, that means you want to learn more about my indefinite world travels! Here it is…

On April 4th 2018 I left the USA with a one way ticket to Bangkok in hand and everything I owned on my back! Since that day I have been to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and India!

I’m not on an extended vacation, I’m creating a new lifestyle, a lifestyle of freedom! A lifestyle that doesn’t bind me to one location or a collection of things. A lifestyle that allows me to change freely, travel, meet new people and spend time with the people I love… all over the country and the world!

Solo Trip to Europe

My first solo backpacking trip to Europe gave me courage and confidence. I made friends instantly and memories that will last a life time. It reinforced my desire to experience the world. More importantly, living out of a backpack and sleeping in dorm rooms and on buses, showed me how little I actually need to be happy. This all led to a whole new world of self discovery.

I came home to my big beautiful townhouse and jam packed schedule at the salon, unsure of how I felt about anything. Before Europe, I had believed my life was as close to perfect as it could get. After Europe, I had no idea what I wanted anymore.

Bye Townhouse, Hello Freedom

Within a few weeks of returning from Europe, I moved out of my townhouse. The owners were selling it and had given me the option to buy. Before Europe, I had been seriously considering it. I had even looked into financing. After Europe, the thought of owning a house made me hyperventilate.

I moved in with a friend and started selling things I didn’t need anymore, like kitchen appliances and furniture. I donated clothes and gave away tons of odds and ends to friends and family.

It was obvious that I was pruning down my material possessions, but at the time, I didn’t know why. I had no intention of letting go of my salon or leaving Vegas… (Ha! Goes to show what I knew.)

After 6 months of utter confusion and the majority of my stuff gone, I took a trip to Australia. In Australia I was reminded of how little I needed to be happy and how badly I wanted to experience the world. Somewhere between the pages of Walden and Vagabonding and a coffee shop in suburban Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef, what I wanted became clear: Freedom.

I needed to let go of everything that was holding me back and travel. Really travel. Long term travel. Stop worrying about clients, oil changes, and iPads and start living. Once I made the decision to let it all go, I never looked back.

Preparing to Leave

It took me TWO YEARS to sell ALL of my belongings, pay off debt, save money, build up airline miles, research destinations, prepare to work on the road, dissolve my salon business and gracefully untangle myself from all other stateside obligations.


My dream is to one day be able to split my time between Las Vegas, Chicago and experiencing the rest of the world!

As I travel around the world I’m picking up skills, tips, tricks and advice on how to sustain a lifestyle of freedom.

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