By: May 23, 2018

So… Let me tell you about Singapore!

Getting to Singapore from Bangkok was a blur. Transportation to and from the airport, as well as my flight, were quick and smooth. That, mixed with being deliriously tired from staying up late and waking up early, made me feel like I’d been teleported into an alternate universe.

By: May 20, 2018

A Lesson on Pre-Booking

Singapore hadn’t even been on my radar, but it didn’t take me long to get excited about it! Before I left the states we researched activities, pre-booked flights, accommodations and even arranged for my friend to come back to Thailand with me after Singapore. While making these plans I had no idea what a lesson they would teach me about pre-booking.

By: May 3, 2018

Haircuts in Chinatown

As soon as the group at The Oasis Hostel in Chinatown found out I was a hairstylist, several haircut requests were made- I really wasn’t expecting that. I mean, I know I’m good at what I do, but they had just met me, they had no reason to trust me.

By: May 1, 2018

Songkran PART TWO: Chinatown Redemption

I came barreling into The Oasis Hostel in Chinatown, dripping sweat. I didn’t expect anyone to be there because I’d received an email saying the front desk would be closed from 12pm to 4pm, for a Songkran celebration. It must not be noon yet? I thought, when about ten people greeted me upon arrival.

By: April 23, 2018

Calm Among Chaos: Laksameenarai Guest House

I caught myself wondering if I had an obligation to participate in the Khao San Road shenanigans? Khao San Road is one of the craziest party streets in the world and I was spending my nights napping, writing and eating street food… SOBER.  But I was honestly enjoying being calm among the chaos. I reminded myself that the whole reason I was traveling was to live life on my own terms and vowed to keep doing just that… My party time would come.

By: April 16, 2018

Vagabond Packing: How I Packed to Travel Indefinitely

It’s vagabonding after all, long term budget traveling. The less money spent upfront means more money on the road! It’s easy to justify “needing” this or that for a long term trip. But in reality, all you really “need” is a passport and access to cash, everything else can be purchased on the road.